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Mental health family wellness

Mental Health = Family Wellness

Thanks to the Perigee Fund and a partnership with local mental health providers, Room One has been able to create family wellness vouchers which parents of young kiddos can use to access local mental health specialists.

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Youth Housing Support

Youth Voice Helps Us Get it Right

Our Youth Housing Staff convenes a Youth Advisory Board each month to listen and learn about how we can better serve young people experiencing housing instability and other issues in our community.

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Illustration addiction 1000w

Grooming Signs and Support

Grooming is a term used to describe the behaviors used by one person to gain trust and manipulate a more vulnerable person with the intention of perpetrating abuse or exploitation. It’s important to be able to understand the early warning signs of grooming.

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Joy, Truth, and Gratitude from Room One

With the year coming to an end, we reflect on all of the ways that we have experienced joy and gratitude in the last year. Here at Room One, joy comes in many forms, but it’s almost always rooted in relationships with one another. That can look like staff collaboration, one-on-one meetings with clients or Room One supporters, board meetings, parenting groups, community partnerships, or working with youth and elders.

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Kat Goering Photo

Welcome Kat Goering New Room One Executive Director

After nearly two years, Room One is delighted to introduce our next Executive Director, Katrina (Kat) Goering. During the interim time period, board and staff were able to do important work together envisioning our next leader and the current needs of our organization and community.

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YLC 2021 Welcome Packet

Youth Leadership Council 2021

Our Okanogan Healthy Youth work continues, particularly with the highly engaging Youth Leadership Council (YLC), co-led by Room One staff Keri Moore and FYRE co-founder Mady Sandoval.

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Working to Stop Poverty: The Long Road

The past year has indeed shown us the even wider disparities between those with resources, an ability to work remotely, an ability to hire tutors for homeschooling, with access to healthcare and paid sick leave, and those who lost jobs, income, childcare, housing, and can no longer keep food on the table for their families.

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