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Board of Directors

These incredible people help guide our work and support the strategies and policies that get us to where we need to go

Are you interested in becoming part of meaningful change in the Methow by being on Room One's Board of Directors?

We'd be interested in hearing from you. Please get in touch with us at info@roomone.org and we will connect you with someone who can share more about opportunities to be a part of our Board.

Read more abour our Board Roles and Responsibilities

Therese Grant


Kathy Borgensen

Co-Vice President

Laurie Meyers


Megan Fraser

Ellie Thrasher

Ina Clark

Former Board Members

Our organization exists because of the board members, founders and visionaries from the past and present who have dedicated countless hours to making Room One thrive.

Thank you:

Robert Grim, Midge Cross, David Ebenger, Andy McConkey, Kathy Balam, Daneen Balcirak N.D., Andrea Black, Caroline Bradshaw, Chris Casey, Teresa Castner, Rocklynn Culp, Cathy Davis, Tory DeSalvo, Lynn Dils, Georgina Doran, Erin Goodman, Charlene Burns Hawley, Ann Henry, Soo Ing-Moody, Karen Johnson, Robin Kamerling, Fran Kaul, Sarah Longino Dekalb, Polly Lucy, Carol Martin, Molly Maxted, Susan Mitchell, Jennifer Molesworth, Leslie Olson, Joan Schrammeck, Steve Schroeder, Nancy Scott, Susan Speir, Becky Studen, Paul Taylor, Toby Wessel, Ken Westman, Denise Tompetrini, Karen Fisher, Lee Hatcher, Sarah Brown, Kate MacDonald, Dani Reynaud, Jacquelyn Wallace, Lenore Whitecar, Chris Hoffer, Lincoln Post, Natalie Kuehler, Patty Spencer.