Whether you or a family member is living with a physical or developmental disability, it can be a lot to manage in isolation. Come talk to a Room One Advocate about what kinds of local resources are available.

Developmental Disabilities Administration

Provides services to children and adults from 3 years of age and up who have a qualifying developmental disability. Functions as the main entry point to services for individuals with the intellectual/develop mental disabilities in Washington State. Provides help for in-home, out-of-home, and community based services.

Social Security Administration

Government organization that manages social security cards, disability, retirement, survivor’s benefits, and Medicare. Information about applying for a new social security card, Medicare, Disability, supplemental security income, survivor benefits and retirement benefits can be found on the website, as well as forms and online applications.

People for People

Serves nine counties by arranging transportation to non emergency medical services. Serving Medicaid card holders.

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