Food and Utilities

If getting your basic needs taken care of is an obstacle for you, please come talk to us at Room One. We may be able to help with bills, food benefits, and access to other local and state agencies.

For people needing emergency items, we have our Produce Program, Food Pantry, and Hygiene Counter. Please come by and get what you need. The Cove Food Bank is also open on Thursdays from 1pm-4pm and is free.

The Cove- Food Bank

The Cove- Food Bank and Neighbors Helping Neighbors-serving the people of the Methow Valley, service include connection to necessities such as clothing and furniture. Also assists people with emergency and short term financial assistance for rent, utilities and more.

Department of Labor and Industries Washington

Protects the health and safety of Washington workers. Programming includes Worker’s Compensation; the protection of wages, hours and breaks; and enforcement of rules that protect workers form hazardous jobs. Also oversees apprenticeship programs, tests & license contractors, and protects the public from unsafe work places.

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