Womens Group Art

Summer Women's Group

We wrapped up a pilot 6-week women’s group in August and will be starting another round this fall.

We wrapped up a pilot 6-week women’s group this month. The group is intended to serve anyone who identifies as a woman who has experienced unhealthy or unsafe relationships. The definition of unsafe or unhealthy can be self-determined and does not have to mean that physical harm occurred. Power and control can show up in many ways in a relationship, including not having an equal say in your close relationships, whether with a partner, friend, or family member.

The topics discussed during the pilot group included power & control dynamics, emotional awareness, gaslighting, and boundaries. The group closed with an art project in which participants were asked to draw or paint something that represents what helps them feel resilient and hopeful. Participants used these words to characterize the feelings expressed in the paintings:

I’m not alone. Peace. Choice. Power. Calm. Strength.

We will be starting another round of this women’s group in the fall. Interested? Email or call Sarah or Maureen at Room One 997-2050.