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Free Legal Clinic Meets a Need

"You guys really helped me move forward in my life." - A client who received help with housing and connection to legal services

Over the past three months, Room One has offered a monthly free legal clinic for clients who are struggling with a variety of family law issues. Advocates refer clients to volunteer attorneys after completing a preliminary eligibility screening.

Clients utilizing this service are relieved for the ability to speak with an attorney. Many of the situations are complex, involving complex relationships with and without children. The Okanogan County Family Court Facilitator, one of the only places of contact for someone filing family law paperwork without legal representation, is an important additional resource; however, that role is limited by the kinds of support they are permitted to provide. Having this free monthly legal clinic has allowed people to get legal advice they wouldn't have found otherwise. One client let us know it was "the best day of the year" when they came in to access support for their issue.

Having a clinic offered each month also gives time and space for people to access legal support when the time feels right depending on the situation they are navigating. It can be an emotionally overwhelming process for people to identify for themselves that legal resources are needed. It can be a big step to take and there is a sense of comfort knowing that this resource is available when the time feels right for the individual.

We could not offer this in-house resource without some incredible local volunteer attorneys! Thank you Julia Yetter, Susan Donahue & Shannon Moreau for your expertise and support of this program.