Room One strives to cultivate a staff whose lived experience aligns with the key issues we address. People of color, LGBTQ candidates, those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and people with deep roots in Okanogan County and other qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

We recognize that applying for a job within a new organization can be intimidating. Traditional hiring practices often do not lend themselves to an inclusive and equitable experience for those people who have faced systemic and historical inequities. We are continuously learning how to make our hiring practices more accessible and available to people in our community. To have an idea of what to expect, here are some of the current practices we implement when we start our hiring process.

  • All people involved in the hiring process go through a training on implicit bias in workplace hiring.
  • We assemble a search committee that has a diverse staff and community member presence and try to bring on people who represent the demographics of the people who would interact with the new employee. For example if we are hiring a Youth Homelessness Case Manager, we bring on youth who have experienced housing instability.
  • We create rubrics that are focused on translatable skills rather than specific experiences. The entire search committee rates applicants and averages scores so that we do not have one person determining who is moving forward and who is not.
  • We value work, life, and educational experience and do not have educational degree requirements.
  • We have a three part interview process, where written documents are reviewed, then promising applicants move forward to be interviewed by the search committee. A final interview entails a group interview with our entire staff. We know this can sound intimidating, but we are a staff that values shared leadership and it is essential to have our entire team be part of the hiring process.
  • We do not look for "culture fit" and instead want to hire people who fill necessary gaps in our ability to serve diverse groups of people.
  • We welcome questions! Please do not hesitate to reach out to the person listed on the application if you wish to have more details.

Here are some helpful resources for when you start building your application materials:

Current Opportunities

Room One is hiring childcare providers to support our programs and groups! Click here for more info.