Welcome Emalie!

We are delighted to host our first post-graduate apprentice this year.

We are delighted to host our first post-graduate apprentice this year. Our staff have frequently served as mentors to interns from the Independent Learning Center, and this is our first opportunity to extend our work experience to a recent high school graduate. Emalie Ricco is a recent graduate of the ILC and has been serving as a youth advisor to our Youth Housing Support Program for the past year. Emalie wrote a proposal for a post-graduate apprentice for the Methow Valley Education Fund. In recent years, the Fund has recognized that college is not the only or best step for many valley youth. Some want to pursue trade school, or other professional development. In Emalie's proposal, she talked about her interests in an apprenticeship: "I have thought about becoming a substance abuse disorder counselor, or something similar, but first I would like some work experience before deciding whether or not to invest in college."

And why Room One? "I like to be of service, I work well with others, and I highly value personal development. The functionality of our rural town has a very direct impact on my life and the life of those close to me, which could bring a unique perspective to the management of community resources. I love our community so this is something that I am really looking forward to."During her apprenticeship, Emalie will be working with staff to explore what recovery support could look like in the valley, supporting and growing outreach for our Youth Housing Support Program, and also working in our One Stop Support Center. What an amazing addition to our team! Thanks for choosing us, Emalie!