Okanogan Outreach School

Outreach is the program where those in a hurry can accelerate their schooling to either catch up or graduate in their cohort year or complete high school diploma requirements faster via dedicated learning. Okanogan Outreach tailors each student’s educational plan to their transcript and original expected graduation year. Outreach offers extended hours and flexible scheduling to accommodate jobs, family, and community needs for it's students.

Contact Okanogan Outreach:

1 (509) 826-7612

1 (509) 826-9003 - Fax

119 N 2nd Street

P.O. Box 592

Okanogan WA 98840

Website: Okanogan Outreach School

OK outreach

Independent Learning Center

The Independent Learning Center (ILC) is a high school affiliated with Big Picture Learning. Serving students in grades 9-12 using a “mastery-based” approach, the ILC continues to take a lead role in redefining how schools measure student success. ILC students are able to meet graduation requirements through state identified multiple Pathways for graduation. Scores from the applicable assessment pathways are recorded on their transcripts.
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